Overhaul Solutions Limited.

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Engineering Services

Our fully equipped machine shop runs alongside our vintage/classic car and tractor restoration and repairs.

Machining and engineering services include manual lathes, Milling machines, Welding, Fabrication and general repairs.

With a combined experience of over 40 years in the trade. Overhaul Solutions Limited has a team built with enthusiasts,Classic car and tractor collectors, experienced engineers and machinists. We love a challenge and provide professional services, Quick turnaround at competitive prices. 

We can work from Cad Drawings, Copying originals,Customs designs and in most cases hand drawn ideas!! 

The majority of services are carried out in our workshop however our machining and engineering experiences and skills are also called off site.

Lathe Turning Services.

Our centre lathe turning machine is one of our essential pieces of high precision engineering equipment. The centre lathe is ideal for running a “one off” machining job, custom designs an small batch work.

Our centre lathe is operated manually rather than automated. This means there is always someone working on the turning machine, allowing them to measure and check the machining process at various stages, to avoid any errors or changes in the metal that is being machined.
It is because of this manual operation that the centre turning lathe is often used for manufacturing prototype products. Normally, a CNC lathe would be pre programmed to run a machining “job”, which would take the engineer time to set up and then monitor. This is not cost effect to the client wanting a single item or small quantity due to the time needed to set up the cnc machinery.
Clients will send us the prototype diagrams and measurements, and our precision engineer will ensure we meet the accuracy required

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lathe kent turning in
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custom components manufacturing

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